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Soap Dough

Well I did it!  I made soap dough.  Now, I have never made anything in my life even remotely artistic.  Even as a little girl, I couldn’t get more creative than making balls and snakes with Play-doh.  Bee at Sorcery Soap™ is an artist and makes more beautiful creations than I could dream of.  But, she’s come up with this form of soap, and believes that people who use it will find their creativity come to life.  It’s hard not to believe her!  Maybe some of her magic dust will sprinkle on me and I’ll do something neat.  *fingerscrossed*

Thank you, Bee! 


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This Soaper’s Life

Husband scrounging through cupboards looking for something to eat: Oh!  Coconut milk!  What kind of deliciousness are you going to make with that?!

Wife: I found this great recipe for soap I want to try!

Husband: Soap?!  Seriously?  *dejected sigh*

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MP Soap Decorations

I am having way too much fun playing with melt and pour soap!  I had some mica pigments I got as samples, so I thought I’d get some clear MP soap to use them in.  These will be little decorations for the tops of my CP soaps. 

They look like little shimmery gummy candies.  My daughter thought they looked delicious, lol.